Cover letter to suppliers and business partners

BH Nordic AS

Innspurten 15

0663 OSLO


To our suppliers and business partners,

At BH Nordic AS, we believe in socially responsible business. Promoting decent working conditions and environmental practices in our supply chain is an important part of our strategy to act in a socially responsible manner. In order to achieve this, we need the support of our suppliers and business partners.

BH Nordic and its Board have adopted the enclosed code of conduct in order to clarify expectations to ourselves, our suppliers and other business partners.

One of these expectations is to make systematic and targeted efforts to ensure compliance to our code of conduct. To accomplish this, we will offer you as much support as possible. At BH Nordic we will work thoroughly and continuously with improving our business strategies and develop long-term action plans for both our business partners and ourselves.

Matters of socially responsible business are of great complexity and therefore we do not expect quick and radical changes. If conditions do not live up to the standards in the code of conduct, our initial reaction will always be to work closely with our suppliers and business partners to identify the root cause of any non-compliance and to agree on suitable measures to ensure sustained compliance. We want to emphasize that it is not our intention to end our cooperation, and this will only be a last resort following continued non-compliance or unwillingness to collaborate on ensuring compliance.  Instead, we seek to form long-term relationships with suppliers and business partners who share our values and focus on promoting decent working conditions and environmental practices in the supply chain.

Improving working conditions and environmental management has a number of commercial and financial benefits for suppliers and strengthens competitiveness. Various studies have shown positive result of improving occupational health and safety, regulating working hours and paying decent wages – productivity and quality will improve while absenteeism and the number of occupational injuries will reduce.

We will contact you by e-mail in …… weeks to check that the code of conduct has been received. Once you have read our code of conduct we ask you to confirm in writing that you are willing to support us in working towards more responsible business practices through implementing the code in your factories and by communicating the code to your suppliers.

Please feel free to contact any of the following persons with any questions that you may have:

…………….., ………………….. on ……….emailadresses



With best regards,

Lasse Erik Moen               


BH Nordic AS

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